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Reiki: Exploring Quantum Shamanic Healing

I practice a form of Reiki called: Quantum Shamanic Reiki (QSR). I will explain in more detail what that entails, but for now what is Reiki?

Ray-Key: spiritually guided life force. God consciousness.

Reiki is not witchcraft and I will de-mystify that momentarily.

God Consciousness

Reiki is a form of energy healing that relates to one's biofield or aura (an energetic boundary that extends past the physical body; visually speaking an arms length distance above, below, in front, and behind a person) - allowing the practitioner to guide said energy to a recipient; assisting the healing energy towards the recipient and thus facilitating the recipients own self-healing.

Important to note: it is not the practitioner that is causing the healing nor are they the source of the energy - a spiritually guided life force energy is, in a sense, much like a channel changer directed at a television and the channel changes (for visualization purposes); the source being from the Universe or God; so-to-speak.

The practitioner is not a channel; we are not channeling anything. Channeling is what you do when there's separation from source. The practitioner is connecting to the God consciousness that is already existing around us. But before we get a little too "woo woo" let's talk real life effectiveness and dive a bit deeper into what you can expect from a Reiki session.


Bear with me as we get into a bit of the Quantum physics realm. I will explain this in a manner that makes logical sense for real life!

Usui effectively interpreted Reiki with the Newtonian Model (cause & effect, linear & logical) vs the original thought being quantum with the Heisenberg Effect (non-linear & mystical).

The Heisenberg Effect uncertainty principle, in short, is the way you look at something changes it. The simple act of being an observer is not a passive experience as it impacts and effects the observed. How you look at someone or something helps determine what it will be or can be.

Seeing things as already healed helps your outcomes in QSR. Thus, making it more of a Newtonian scale as we're narrowing down the thought, becoming linear with observation and making it more logical as we can determine what can be. Being more conscious of how you see yourself is key to having a better life.

Healed outcomes. You need to believe something can and will happen - quantum level thinking. If you've left something unhealed, your body will tell you. There is always a non-physical cause to the physical issue.

The thought brought forward in a Reiki session then can produce a change in how those previous particles I mentioned bounce all around us and interact with us. Those particles react to that human thought/input and cause change in the energy surrounding the body and the body itself. Getting to the root cause of said issue.

From a Shamanic perspective the physical ailment will manifest from a non-physical cause. I will be focusing on a healed outcome relating to that non-physical issue - being the root cause.

Although it could be hard to visualize tiny particles bouncing around us and changing direction in space as they reverberate or rebound off of each other and objects surrounding...

Energy is all around us.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Yet it can be moved or transferred.

Energy is non-physical.

DNA is non-physical.

You change the emotions, you change the DNA.

So let's look at this from this perspective: A person's body has a magnetic field and that magnetic field or electrical field interacts with other magnetic fields surrounding it; that energy is then capable of

interacting with or interfering with that magnetic field.

Every cell in the human body produces a charge and electrical field. It's how doctors are capable of measuring the electrical signals in an ECG to check your heart beat or how an MRI can scan a body; it's magnetic field.

What determines what something is, or how it is, is a vibration. It will vibrate at a particular rate and that rate determines what is is (much like the MRI or ECG). Change the rate of the vibration and you change the thing. By changing it, it creates a new normal - a healthy or healthier normal consistent with the rate and vibration of the universe.

"Uni" + "Verse" = "One Song"

*Practitioners are not medical doctors - we will not heal the physical, but we will help you reach the non-physical issue - THE ROOT CAUSE.


We've covered a bit more of the scientific explanation of the "woo woo", but what can I expect from a Reiki session?

Reiki is ideal for all ages; children and elderly can also benefit from these sessions. You can expect to devote 45 min of your time to a session and you can expect to leave a Reiki session feeling calm, relaxed, and grounded.

What makes QSR different than traditional Reiki is that we have learned both the traditional & Usui Reiki, as well as, Shamanic traditions of the Algonquin; while applying this to the working parts of quantum physics. Making QSR more non-traditional in a sense. Please be open minded, relaxed & ready to receive healing.

When we begin a session, you will be asked why you have sought this session. We have to explore the why! Why are we doing it? Transferring energy to another is not going to heal the root cause if we aren't getting specific with it.

You will then get yourself comfortable by either laying down or remaining seated and I will create a space to connect and become Reiki - sending energy to that healed outcome - while you nap, meditate, or just relax and close your eyes. Once the session is complete, I will gently bring you out of your meditative state with some light movement. I will chat with you about the session and generally like to give the client homework.

During your session you may physically feel nothing at all; others may experience some initial discomfort when their body senses a new experience. If at any time during the session you're feeling uncomfortable you may ask to stop. However, I would encourage you to push through and allow yourself to feel your emotions. Break on through.

A Reiki session may cause temporary increased pain because energy is striking "blockages" from a chakra perspective - remember energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be moved or re-routed. This pain will pass as this energy moves. Emotions or memories may be brought up in a session; this is because the sub-conscious is ready to process.

If you feel nothing at all from a session, it does not mean it did not work. Reiki is a subtle energy healing and sometimes its like asking someone if they can feel their nervous system working.


There are 4 levels of Quantum Shamanic Reiki that one may practice:

  1. The first - focuses on treating yourself and others through light hands on practice and traditional teachings.

  2. The second - focuses on many principles of level one, but also adds the practice of distance healing; sending energy across the room or anywhere in the world.

  3. The third - a focus on advanced healing techniques and attunements in addition to the first two levels. This is the last module before learning to teach Quantum Shamanic Reiki.

  4. Master Level - a focus on teaching, but also the additions of Shamanic Algonquin techniques throughout the levels and bringing the entire practice together.

I am a Master Level practicing QSR; however, I am not taking students - I am taking my time to extensively practice my techniques before teaching.

We've covered what Reiki is, as well as, how shamanic techniques and an understanding of quantum physics encompasses the modality of Quantum Shamanic Reiki; bringing you insight and some expectations for a session.

I look forward to connecting with you in the future and will be happy to answer any further inquiries via


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