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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am a product of generational trauma. Having been raised by two parents with their own childhood traumas; led me down the same road of patterns, conditioning, and ultimately the same traumatic experiences. Through no fault of their own; they did the best they could with what they knew.

In 2019, I began to take a serious look at my own patterns. Who I was. Who I was not. Did I truly know myself? What were the stories I told myself as to life and how the world works.


I began to realize the only thing in my way was myself. The need to be in control of every situation so I could remain "stable" - so I could cling to a false sense of safety. The undealt with trauma that had been pent up inside of me for 27 years.

I started to get to know myself. The real me. Under the coping mechanisms. The outbursts. The people pleasing. The list could go on. But underneath all of it...was a scared little girl fighting to survive.

Fighting to survive the trauma. The abuse. The stories of: everyone leaves, no one loves me. My own victimhood mentality.

I had to make myself uncomfortable. I had to analyze why I thought the way that I did. I began studying multiple different thought modalities like buddhism and shamanism. As I began to practice these tools more and more, I was able to get to the roots of my own conditioning, coping mechanisms, and shit stew.

I found, what was more or less for me, in terms of what I was taught as a child and what was no longer serving a purpose. I had to take from me, what I thought was my personality, BUT was learned conditioning of how to be, look, act, think, etc. to just remain safe.

I learned how to feel more intuitively and trust myself. Love myself. Know myself.


Gnothi seauton. Por el bien de todos.

Know thyself. For the good of all.


  • Level 4 - Master Quantum Shamanic Reiki

  • Year One - Shamanic Power Initiations

  • Year Two - Awakening The Inner Shaman

  • Shamanic Coaching Practicum

  • canfitpro certified personal trainer

  • pn certified sports nutrition

  • Intro to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

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