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Mountain Cliff Hiker

Gnothi Seauton. Por el bien de todos.


Know thyself. For the good of all.



Holding space for you through holistic healing.


Healing affects us generationally, much like trauma does. 7 generations forward and 7 generations past. The work I have done while on my never-ending story; I now wish to share with others in the form of teachings, coaching, natural products, and other complimentary offerings.


I create natural health products in my spare time, but I also dabble in Reiki & Indigenous spiritual practices called shamanism.


If you wish to explore the coaching program, I can assist you in managing limiting self beliefs, getting to the root of trauma and stories we tell ourselves, in addition to the more specific needs of the individual.


What would it look like to no longer simply survive your life, but thrive in it?

My services include helping to resolve the non-physical causes of things using Energy, Spirit, and Intention. We cannot heal without acknowledging what has caused the dis-ease in the first place.

I am in the process of reviving my blog and podcast skills so I can share more often! Pulling from my extensive background, I expect to reveal some thoughts on nutrition, exercise, and recipes too!

Putting the power back in your hands.

Kerry Holmstrom's portrait


*Kindly inquire directly about complimentary services for the brothers and sisters of Turtle Island.

**Sacred herbs like sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco are welcome as trade

Best Value




Every month

Coaching cycle designed around your objectives

Valid for 3 months

Bi-Weekly Coaching Meetings

Bi-Weekly Reiki Sessions

23/6 access to coach via text/email

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